Theressa Expedition

Theressa Expedition was a short two-session Mote campaign whipped up by Rowen of the Spiderweb Boards, and the first to really delve into high-level encounters. The campaign whisks the party away to a mysterious island with ancient secrets...

Over six month ago a male elf named Lord Capitan Drazzel Faringer and female human named Carnys. The approached each of you and offered you the same deal; sail with them for the next year and offer your services when called on.

The idea of sailing for a year wouldn’t appeal to anyone and it did not appeal to you either. But the money for the job did: 400 gold pieces plus the Lord Capitan would pay up to 70 gold in supplies for each of you to take on the trip. After quickly talking amongst yourselves you agreed.

After each of you went on a spending spree; using the whole 70 gold that he gave each of you; you set off from the city of Eolith and traveled by land to Port Laz. Once at Port Laz you set off on a ship called The Morning Shade that was unlike any you had ever seen. It was twice as large as any other ship in the port and was breath taking to look at. After 2 months of sailing you reached the small mountain island Eressos to resupply. Two days latter The Morning Shade set sail east.

4 months have passed and you have done nothing but feel the rock of the ship on the ocean of Mote. No land has been spotted since leaving Eressos and you are starting to think that you will never see any land again before sailing off the edge of Mote. But in the second week of the 4th month at sea Carnys spotted land to the northeast.

For 2 days the ship sailed northeast without any sign of this land until on the 3rd day you finally spotted it for yourself. You don’t know how Carnys spotted land from so far away but you had little time to think about it. The Lord Capitan just informed you that it was time for you to do what he hired you for. He wants you to explore this island and bring him back anything of note or worth that you find.

The Morning Shade reached the island as night fell that day and once the morning sun rose the Lord Capitan ordered that they circle the island once. While circling you noted several things. One is that there was a tower on the southeastern point of the island; there also was nothing along the east coast other then a rocky shore until a small stream spilled out into the ocean about half way up the east coast. Not long after that small mountains and hills loomed up out of the ground at the northeast tip and covered the north coast line in impassible cliffs for over half of the northern coast line before reseeding into a deep dark forest. That forest covered the rest of the northern coastline and the entire western coast unbroken except for another river that ran out of it. Upon rounding the southwest tip of the island The Morning Shade can into a small natural harbor.

As a small dingy was prepared for you to travel to the island on the Lord Capitan came and spoke to you. “Your job is simple, explore as mush as you can. If you find anything on the island that might be of worth I want you to bring it back. If it is to big to carry then you must write down what it is in this,” he tells you as he hands you a little black book. “I also want to know what the wildlife on this island is like but I don’t want you bringing any back with you so just write about it in the book. But remember I want to know about anything that may be worth something; rocks, plants, water, hell if it looks like different then anything you have ever seen before I want to know.”

Once the Lord Capitan finished speaking with you Carnys walked up to you. Her eyes turned into two glowing orbs of green and she motioned her arms around several time at each of you. Each time she gestured at you it felt like someone hit you with a club. After a few seconds of this her eyes stopped glowing and she lowered her hands and spoke, “These wards will allow me to keep track of you while you are away. I wont be able to see you are help you but it will allow me to make a map of where you have traveled.” Then she turned and walked away. You had no idea that she was a sorceress until just now.

As you are lowed over the side of The Morning Shade and row to shore you wonder of how much more you don’t know of the Lord Capitan and Carnys. If they were able to keep from you that Carnys was a sorceress during the last 6 months what else have they kept from you? As the dingy slides onto the sandy shore you are starting to think that 400 gold might not be worth what you are about to do.

Session Logs


  • Sarton, the dragonborn alchemist
  • Abbrupt Ceakiten, the dwarven spellweaver
  • Machaira Gallatin, the human bodyguard
  • Angrissa Wavestrike, the dwarven historian
  • Granius Daren, the elven "noble"

Notable Quotes

  • "Hah! Now that's how you archaeology!" - Granius 
  • "You know, one thing I'll say for Mote's oceans. No matter how much people complain of its dangers, you never see a saber-toothed sea moose." - Abbrupt
  • "Hey, did you know you look like little ants from up here?" - Angrissa 
  • "This appears to be some sort of distant relative of the gryphon. Never seen one before, though... Don’t suppose there's a height limit to ride that thing." - Angrissa
  • "Aim for where they don't have scales! Mouth, eyes, nose, old injuries, their freaky lizard bits, anything!" - Angrissa 
  • "I've got serious connections in Eolith, you overgrown lizard!" - Granius
  • "What. The hell. Did you do?” - Abbrupt