The Blood Marsh

One of my first campaigns to use the AIMhack system, and also one of the first set in the world of Mote, the Blood Marsh campaign is a mix of gritty horror and classic dungeon-delving. And it's all set in the cold, dark reaches of the Blood Marsh, on the island of Risis...

Something ancient lurks in the swamps of Risia. Something powerful. Something terrible. This much has been known by your people for centuries. In your hometown of Mekos, these tales are for scaring children. But lately, the entire village is scared.

It started quietly. Finnar, the brewer's daughter, disappeared one night. A search party was formed, combing the nearby swamps, but nothing was concluded. The town mourned. But then similar disappearances started occurring, and tales of the Blood Marsh began circulating again.

Legends speak of the Blood Marsh, found in the deepest reaches of Risia's swamplands. The waters themselves have been dyed red by the blood of countless dead heroes, and a decrepit temple is said to lurk in the deeps, half-buried.

As for the evil housed by that temple, the stories vary wildly. All you know is that the rest of the village is growing restless, and searching the surrounding swamps has been fruitless. The elders of the village are calling for the bravest to dive deep into the swamplands, and seek out the Blood Marsh.

Fancying yourselves as brave, you heeded the call...

Session Logs

  • 12-27-09 - Session #1 (118kb, .rtf)
    • The party meets up for the first time, debates the alchemical merit of zombie fluids, and investigates screams heard in the night. They almost make it out of Mekos.
  • 1-8-10 - Session #2 (173kb, .rtf)
    • Nobody seems to notice when Eriman is replaced with Alexander as they enter the marsh. The party splits up, with half of it resting comfortably in a necromancer's home, the other half wandering around in the dark almost being eaten by spiders. Kurex learns a lesson.
  • 1-22-10 - Session #3 (170kb, .rtf)
    • Faced with an open marsh and very few clues, the party sets about exploring crypts and forests. Many undead are slain, Amadan finds a problematic weapon, and the party finds one of the lost Mekos citizens..
  • 2-5-10 - Session #4 (204kb, .rtf)
    • Sss-Tkss departs when the party liberates a group of captives, and then the party storms a tower full of cultists, hearing the first whispers of the name Yunelias. Sawbones settles an old score, and Amadan channels Liea.
  • 3-5-10 - Session #5 (121kb, .rtf)
    • The victorious party returns to Mekos, where they go shopping. The party starts to realize just how dangerous Kurex might be, and they hear rumors of more undead gathering to the north. Naturally, the party investigates by getting lost in the swamp. In the snow.
  • 3-28-10 - Session #6 (156kb, .rtf)
    • As the trail grows cold, the party investigates kobold sightings north of Mekos. Luckily, kobolds are not known for subtlety, and a pitched battle ensues. After that, the party has to deal with a disgusting abomination.
  • 4-11-10 - Session #7 (231kb, .rtf)
    • Still bewildered by a cryptic message embedded in the abomination, the party follows its trail to an abandoned crypt. They dive straight in, rescuing a captive Temmyn and finding more ties to Yunelias.
  • 4-30-10 - Session #8 (69kb, .rtf)
    • Victorious once more, the party escorts yet more rescued prisoners to Mekos, and gets some advice about magical artifacts. Later, they go back to Tabazinth's house to get a ring examined, and end up traveling through a mysterious portal.
  • 5-28-10 - Session #9 (223kb, .rtf)
    • In the finale, the party journeys across a strange land, trying to thwart the machinations of Yunelias himself.
  • Character Epilogues (12kb, .rtf)


  • Alexander, the human zombie hunter
  • Amadan, the human arcane archer
  • Esstra, the somewhat-competent dwarven priestess
  • Kurex, the paranoid human mage
  • Sawbones, the goblin surgeon
  • Temmyn, the human mechanic

Notable Quotes

  • "As your wizard, I advise you to tie her up and burn the house down." - Eriman
  • "No burning people, guys" - Kurex
  • "Oh, it was cozy. It was great. Then the spiders ate it." - Amadan
  • "We're too dysfunctional to be brigands" - Kurex
  • "I'm a zombie slayer, not an oceanographer." - Alexander
  • "I say we march north and find something interesting to kill." - Sss-Tkss
  • "You never get anywhere by being cautious." - Sawbones
  • "Wow... the world's really swirly all of a sudden... Wheeeeeee..." - Amadan
  • "Which would you rather have? Free slaves, or phat lewt?" - Kurex
  • "Well, thank Liea. And the fact that our enemies like to commit suicide." - Esstra
  • "Never assume the best of people when ZOMBIES are involved." - Alexander
  • "Okay, there is something dead or undead inside this house. Or, possibly, both." - Alexander
  • "We're going to kill them all anyway, what difference does it make if we burn down the buildings?" - Amadan
  • "Check them for gills! And also kill them, that can't hurt." - Esstra
  • "I solemnly swear not to sink this island." - Alexander
  • "I am always within a mile radius of myself." - Alexander
  • "Why did I agree to save the world with such idiots?!" - Esstra
  • "Did anyone find my finger?" - Amadan