Selos and the Oracle

One of my first campaigns to use the AIMhack system, and also one of the first set in the world of Mote, Selos and the Oracle sent the party back and forth across the island of Selos, trying to piece together a mysterious plot while doing their level best not to be assassinated. But even with the mysterious Oracle's prophecy to aid them, they found themselves in over their heads...

Every six years, the Concordance festival celebrates the peace of the gods, reached long ago when the feuding deities were pacified by a group of mortal supplicants. Cities across Selos celebrate with elaborate ceremonies and wild parties, a rare time of peace in these dark times.

The Concordance is also the best time for those with the means to make the pilgrimage to the Oracle at E'Tarn, or so it is said. And for those with the means but not the devotion, like Lord Hakkel of Quera, the pilgrimage is carried out by proxy.

This particular Concordance carries special weight for Hakkel. In his old age, he lacks an heir, and he believes the Oracle will choose one for him. Regardless of whether or not this is true, he has assembled a party to carry out the task for him.

You were unsurprised when you heard that Zarusa, the wizard counsel to Hakkel, was to lead the pilgrimage. However, you were quite surprised when Zarusa chose you to help guard the pilgrims. A great honor, of course.

Zarusa is a pleasant enough woman, a tall and wiry spitfire who could, if she wished, actually spit fire. When you were chosen at the opening ceremonies of the festival's first day, she didn't bother to explain her reasoning. Perhaps when the crowds clear you will be able to find out...

Session Logs

  • 12-29-09 - Session #1 (120kb, .rtf)
    • The characters get to know one another, brawl in the local tavern, and meet the caravan. Once they depart from Quera, they are stumped by a fallen tree, and nearly burn down the whole jungle.
  • 1-15-10 - Session #2 (152kb, .rtf)
    • Surprised by a group of humans during the night, the party conducts "diplomacy" and has all of their food taken. Then, they are stumped by a river, and are attacked by a giant sponge. Then they escape the jungle, and are attacked by bandits.
  • 1-29-10 - Session #3 (118kb, .rtf)
    • The party climbs up into the mountains, loses track of Telaverin, and catches its first glimpse of the Oracle's citadel. Much drama ensues, but the party finally reaches the Oracle, who is immediately attacked by assassins.
  • 2-4-10 - Mini-session: The Oracle (24kb, .rtf)
    • At long last, the party speaks with the Oracle, and many questions are asked and answered.
  • 2-27-10 - Session #4 (203kb, .rtf)
    • Zkaashj mysteriously vanishes, but Lanrezac joins the party. They quickly return to Quera only to find that it is on fire. As the city burns around them, the party attempts to deal with the chaos, and fails to account for the actions of angry mobs.
  • 3-19-10 - Session #5 (166kb, .rtf)
    • A disgusted Zarusa directs the party towards Sarden, hoping to avenge Lord Hakkel's death. Nixak finds a pet for himself, and the party gets lost in the jungle. In doing so, they encounter an unusually strong bandit.
  • 4-2-10 - Session #6 (149kb, .rtf)
    • Found once again by Khielik the shaman, the party is forced to... *gasp* negotiate. Then they get back on familiar ground when they help Khielik hunt a powerful beast. Afterward, they barter for goods across a language barrier.
  • 4-23-10 - Session #7 (121kb, .rtf)
    • Finally escaping the jungle with help from some human guides, the party blunders into the city of Sarden, blows up a few miscellaneous brigands, and learns how not to bluff.
  • 5-7-10 - Session #8 (109kb, .rtf)
    • After being captured by one of Sarden's bandit lords, the party's collective wit is tested in a game of skill. Unfortunately, the game is cut short by another band of assassins, and the party barely escapes a turf war.
  • 5-11-10 - Session #9 (117kb, .rtf)
    • In the campaign's finale, the party hunts down a mysterious lacewing who they suspect is tied to the assassinations.
  • Character Epilogues (11kb, .rtf)


  • Boregloaf, the goblin guard
  • Kundak, the dragonborn battle-priest
  • Lanrezac, the lacewing historian
  • Nixak, the human mind-mage
  • Vitze, the elven con artist

Notable Quotes

  • "Oh dear, a monkey." - Kundak
  • "Curse you, spongy demon of the deep!" - Telaverin
  • "Perhaps the discussion should wait until morning, when we aren't so tired and shook up? And possibly less dumb." - Boregloaf
  • "Zarusa is going to burn me for this, isn't she?" - Vitze
  • "If it backfires, it won't kill them in some gruesome manner, will it?" - Boregloaf
  • "Logic dictates that if we just keeping going in one direction, we'll eventually find something." - Nixak
  • "That was real thunder, right? Not a boom eagle or something?" - Lanrezac
  • "Mote is not big enough for two bandits dumb enough to wander this place randomly and hope they meet someone to rob." - Vitze
  • "I don't suppose she's got a sister who wants a harmonica, does she?" - Vitze
  • "We need an alternate mission, one that has the smallest possible chance of making people want to kill us on sight." - Vitze
  • "Well, let's go walk into the obvious trap, shall we?" - Boregloaf