One-Shot Campaigns

In the world of Mote, sometimes a story isn't quite long enough for a full campaign. And in that case, DMs run shorter campaigns that take a single session, ergo one-shots. This is where I hope to collect them all. Not all of them are mine, but all of them are awesome.

Treachery at Selaneus

This is a one-shot I ran for the kids at iD Tech Camps when I worked there one summer. It picks up right after the conclusion of Selos and the Oracle, and deals with certain shady dealings in the city of Selaneus. Since it was done in person, I obviously don't have a full transcript, but I do have a nifty little summary, told by none other than Lanrezac the Historian.


Four strangers wake up in an abandoned village with no idea where they are or how they got here. They have to figure out why the village has been abandoned... And what all the cats swarming everywhere has to do with it.

A silly improv session that came about when there weren't enough people for a Brigandage session, this one-shot was run by Nioca of the Spiderweb Boards.

Amadan's Aldathian Adventure

This is the first session DM-ed by Dikiyoba of the Spiderweb Boards, and it features Amadan of the Blood Marsh campaign.

You have been offered a position in an expedition to the island of Aldath. The island is largely unexplored and believed to be uninhabited by humanoid races, in part because it is so far removed from other islands and in part because it is home to so much aggressive and deadly wildlife. Your job is to help capture some of this wildlife and bring it back to the ship so it can be sent back to King Drazo's menagerie. Thankfully, because of your skills, you aren't expected to do much actual handling of the animals. Instead, you are supposed to shoot anything unwanted or out of control. Oh, and act as bait.