The Labyrinth Campaign

The Labyrinth Campaign was my first serious effort as a DM, and the first serious stress-test of the homebrew system I've been piecing together over here. At least, it was my first serious attempt at running an extended campaign. Predictably, it was set in the nonsensical universe of the movie Labyrinth, which featured David Bowie and Muppets. Very little else needs to be said about the actual movie, except that the world it described was very rich, even if it seemed to make no sense. I decided that such a rich setting deserved another story.

This is the intro my players got to the campaign:

It seemed like a good enough idea at the time, but if you had the choice again, you would've been more careful. You were dispatched by the town guard to drive out a goblin infestation in the hills. It was pitifully easy.

As you stood in the chieftain's dirt-walled room, you all noticed a glint of metal from a side-passage you hadn't seen before. Excited by the prospect of treasure, you all charged through the passage, eager to get your first loot as adventurers.

Naturally, you were rather surprised to find yourselves on a dusty, windy hilltop and knee-deep in dry brush. You looked behind to find the way back, but saw only a vast desert. Before you stood, well...

A labyrinth. A vast maze constructed out of stone. In the distance, you could see patches of forest, even distant buildings concealed in the twists and turns of the maze.

Immediately in front of you, the land slopes down to the outermost wall of the labyrinth. There are some pools of water, surrounded by low-growing plants. You can also see a set of immense doors.

Session Logs

  • 9-10-09 - Session #1 (144kb, .rtf)
    • Freshly arrived in a strange land, the party struggles to figure out just exactly where they are. In doing so, they meet Hoggle and enter the Labyrinth proper, and struggle against a dire octopus.
  • 9-14-09 - Session #2 (101kb, .rtf)
    • As the walls start to move on their own, the party flees from a rain of fish. While Cumulo vanishes into this piscine downpour, the party encounters Etris, who joins them. Then they have to deal with giant vultures, fungus, door knockers, and a pit full of water.
  • 9-22-09 - Session #3 (121kb, .rtf)
    • Sealed in a dungeon by Jareth, the party meets Thuja, who provides the party with a bit more muscle. Then, they all nearly drown when crossing a river, and start to suspect sharks.
  • 10-5-09 - Session #4 (83kb, .rtf)
    • When the party picks through the ruins of a small cottage, they find Temmyn, whose wrench proves invaluable later on. Then they proceed to taunt Jareth again (unsuccessfully), and are covered in barbeque sauce. Sadly, this attracts zombies. 
  • 10-15-09 - Session #5 (93kb, .rtf)
    • Night falls, very suddenly, leaving the party to wander through an unfamiliar forest. They talk to some rocks, and then their suspicions of sharks turn out to be very well-founded.
  • 10-27-09 - Session #6 (116kb, .rtf)
    • After fighting off Etris's shortsword, the party continues wandering through the woods. They meet up with Hoggle just before it starts raining fish again.
  • 11-3-09 - Session #7 (64kb, .rtf)
    • When the fish stop falling, Kaval and Temmyn wander off, leaving the party to deal with sharks. Lindy saves several party members from zombification, and John finally sells a hat.
  • 11-8-09 - Side-session (67kb, .rtf)
    • Kaval and Temmyn find themselves separated from the party, trapped in a dungeon where they can manipulate gravity.
  • 11-10-09 - Session #8 (165kb, .rtf)
    • The party meets a stranger with a bird hat, and then deals with more fungus, more goblins, and more of Jareth. Once that goes south, the entire party is thrown into the Bog of Eternal Stench. There, they flee in terror and then help Hoggle deal with a rogue portal.
  • 11-15-09 - Session #9 (161kb, .rtf)
    • After recovering in Hoggle's home, the party strikes out across the Plain of Broken Dreams, dealing with illusions and garbage. Once they reach the edge, they enter the goblin city, and Thuja conducts the briefest negotiation ever.
  • 11-22-09 - Session #10 (161kb, .rtf), Mini side-session (23kb, .rtf)
    • In the finale, the party enters Jareth's castle, and then promptly splits up. Lindy has second thoughts, and the party spends a lot of time finding itself. But eventually, they find Jareth and confront him one last time.
  • Character Epilogues (17.6kb, .rtf)
    • See what became of the Labyrinth characters after their departure from Jareth's realm.

Notable Quotes

  • "I take out my fish, but instead I gut it with my razor hat and make a fish-hat out of it." - John
  • "Keep my sword at the ready. This quiet is disquieting." - Etris
  • "I don't want to alarm anybody, but watch out for sharks." - Conall
  • "Don't discuss the English language! Slam the door on it!" - Kaval
  • "Here, sharky sharky sharky..." - Thuja
  • "Aaargh! Spiders! Aaargh! Barbecue sauce!" - John
  • "What's the worst that can happen that hasn't happened to us already?" - Kaval
  • "Thuja, you still want an unconscious shark to ride?" - Lindy
  • "We find a portal and it probably leads straight to Hell. Figures." - Thuja
  • "Where might our doom be located at?" - Temmyn
  • "It's not real... It's not real. No matter how nice it is it's not real and it's not worth getting killed over."  - Lindy
  • "It's a group stupidity effect, by ourselves we are rather smart." - Conall
  • "We control a giant friggin' machine and we're dawdling. What's wrong with us? Let's keep going." - Thuja
  • "I'm just hoping someone spiked my drink with something, frankly. But the odds of it dwindle by the day." - Etris


Name: Conall Strongarm - Level 5
Race: Human
Occupation: Fighter

Strength: 6
Dexterity: 3
Intelligence: 1 
HP: 34

Martial (Club): 5
Intimidate: 3
Nature: 4
First Aid: 1
Berserk!: 2


  • Momentum

Name: Thuja Goaway - Level 5
Occupation: Hunter-Gatherer
Race: Human
Alignment: Misanthropic

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Intelligence: 2
HP: 26

Martial (Axe): 5
Martial (Boomerang): 5
Nature: 3
Perception: 2
Stealth: 2
Intimidate: 1


  • Happy Misanthrope

Name: Kaval - Level 5
Race: Human
Occupation: Laborer

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 7
Intelligence: 1
HP: 22

Martial (improvised weapons): 6
Stealth: 3
Artifice: 2
Nature: 1
Parry: 3


  • Seize the Advantage

Name: Temmyn C. Backus - Level 5
Occupation: Tinker

Race: Human
Alignment: Introverted-Naive

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Intelligence: 6
HP:  18

Perception: 2
Artifice: 4
Martial (Wrench): 3
Magic (Evocation): 3
Magic (Divination): 3
Magic (Healing): 1


  • Calm Under Pressure

Name: Lindy - Level 5
Occupation: Priestess of Light
Race: Human

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 8
HP: 14

Magic (Healing): 8
Religion: 2
Nature: 3
First Aid: 3


  • Glimpse of Infinity

Name: Etris Tanner - Level 5
Occupation: Battlemage
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral-ish.

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 6
HP: 22

Magic (Force): 7
Magic (Light): 2
Magic (Divination): 1
Magic (Elemental Lore): 1
Martial (Shortsword): 4
Bluff: 2
Artifice: 2


  • Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Name: John - Level 5
Occupation: Hat Salesman
Race: Human
Alignment: Greedy

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Intelligence: 5
HP: 17

Martial (Razor-rimmed throwing hat): 3
Bluff: 4
Diplomacy: 4
Thievery: 3


  • Reckless Abandon

Name: Cumulo Flabberfist, Esq. - Lvl 1
Occupation: Itinerant magician.
Race: Former pillbug, now a human.
Alignment: ADHD.

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 6
Intelligence: 2
HP: 10

Magic (Illusion): 1
Magic (Necromancy): 1
Magic (Transformation): 1
Magic (Evocation): 1
Magic (Divination): 1
Magic (Food Enhancement): 2
Martial (Bare Fists): 1
Perception: 3
Stealth: 2
Thievery: 1