Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl was the fourth campaign for Mote, DM-ed by Sarachim of the Spiderweb Boards. The campaign takes the party from the quiet, dust-ridden city of Riole to a much more dangerous location. Dangerous, mysterious, and full of murderous mages.

Riole is one of the few truly prosperous cities on Mote. On the plains to its south, neat rows of farms stretch from the seacoast to the mountains. The city's quiet streets and lack of walls belie its large size. It's an unlikely place for adventurers to find work, but on the bright side, it's also an unlikely place to die violently.

At least, it was until two weeks ago. Out of nowhere, giant dust storms began rolling down out of the hills, ruining farms, forcing hundreds to flee into the city, and worst of all, stranding you in a city that's somehow just as boring as ever. Without an enemy to fight, you've spent the days literally gathering dust.

Just as you were about to despair, Mayor Krila sent word that she'd like to see you the next morning. You're the only adventurers in town, so it's no wonder she chose you. The only mystery is what she expects you to do about the weather.

Session Logs


  • Xiriatl, the lacewing alchemist
  • Gramzon, the dragonborn spearman
  • Eva Roe, the elven healer
  • Eric, the human halberdier
  • Wybren Niemantsverdriet, the elven bard
  • Leitha, the elven thief

Notable Quotes

  • "Well, this is a teachable moment. What have we learnt about running off on our own?" - Wybren
  • "As for you, bard, go write a song about it." - Leitha
  • "Is it just me, or does it seem everything's trying to kill us?" - Eva
  • "Hold on a second, going to try something rather stupid." - Gramzon
  • "You don't want to go in there right now, though. Uncontrollable coughing, eye irritation, possible projectile vomiting, the usual." - Xiriatl
  • "Your lack of hospitality is quite disturbing." - Gramzon
  • "You mean... THE Ouracasos?" - Eva
  • "To be honest, I don't have high hopes, so it would take something pretty extreme to fail my hopes." - Eric
  • "Don't let it get away! That's tomorrow's lunch and a pair of boots!" - Wybren
  • "I..." *cough* "would every..." *gag* "stop asphyxiating me?" - Eva
  • "I think he punched me because I asked for payment, actually, but I'm not a hundred percent on that right now." - Leitha
  • "Oh, come on, cat, they're not going to eat you. Are they? Do elves eat cats?" - Xiriatl