City of Hope

City of Hope is another campaign for Mote, this time DM-ed by Thuryl of the Spiderweb Boards. The campaign takes the party to a new island, one that has only recently come back up from the depths of the sea.

As far as its land-dwelling inhabitants are concerned, Mote is a small world, growing smaller by the day. It's not uncommon for a small island in an area prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity to simply sink beneath the waves, never to be seen again. It's somewhat rarer, but not unheard of, for one to come back.

One such reappearance has just occurred off the northern coast of Laessos. Historians say that its location matches an ancient city-state known as the City of Hope. It is said that pilgrims from all of Mote's major religions once flocked to the city.

Travellers have begun to set out again for the island, now dubbed Elpis, as they did in times of old. Some go in search of material wealth, hoping to find lost treasures in the sunken city. Others, driven by legends of miracles, seek to follow in the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims and worship in the city's pantheon. A few simply wish to prove that the city exists and document what remains of its history.

You are a member of one of the many groups searching for the lost City of Hope. Your ship, bound from Dilegad, has just made landfall on the island of Elpis. Will you find the miracle you're looking for?

Session Logs


  • Jarrox Phiser, the dwarven noble
  • Meredith Prosset, the human scholar
  • Dyen Dawes, the holy elf
  • Lephista, the dragonborn healer
  • Jack Heraln, the lacewing scholar
  • Phulax Pulonos, the dragonborn portalmage

Notable Quotes

  • "There's a talking turtle guys. A. Talking. Turtle." - Jarrox
  • "Guys, I do not like to judge anyone before the facts are in, but I get the feeling we've just been enslaved." - Lephista
  • "But I want that egg to raise my own evil caterpillar." - Jarrox