Brigandage was the first Mote campaign to be run by another DM. In this case, Nioca from the Spiderweb Boards stepped up to the plate and took us to Skarrifisk, an island with a significant brigand problem.

Thane has, for some reason, always attracted brigands and low-lifes. Despite (or perhaps because of) being a fine city of noble people, criminals seem to draw to the city like a magnet, plaguing the streets and surrounding countryside and defying the city guard's best efforts to uproot them. Indeed, more than a handful of notorious thieves have gotten their start in this humble city.

However, in the past weeks, crime has experienced a flare-up. Merchants are finding their homes robbed, and caravans are getting waylaid by highwaymen with alarming frequency. Most recently, Alaris Teraon, a wealthy elven connoisseur of jewelry, was robbed by an unknown party.

The city guard has thusfar been baffled by the recent upsurge in brigandage. Alaris, dissatisfied with the guard's performance, decided to take matters into his own hands, and hire mercenaries to track down his precious baubles.

Seeming like brave and heroic (not to mention paying) work, you heeded the call...

Session Logs


  • Harosh, the lacewing mage
  • Iliau, the lacewing druid
  • Xuan, the human conjurer
  • Anthony, the dwarven mage-smith
  • Casper, the elven carnie
  • Erika, the human thief
  • Darusk, the dragonborn paladin

Notable Quotes

  • "We're going to get lynched, aren't we?" - Harosh
  • "May we please stop blatantly insulting our first possible lead?" - Anthony
  • "My subtle strategic genius lies fallow passed out in a cart in front of a seedy inn!" - Xuan
  • "I found some snow. It's all over the place." - Casper
  • "You would eat a poor, defenseless dog? One that could be a valuable lead, no less?" - Erika
  • "Why are crazy people always so squirmy?" - Casper
  • "...we need to kill Xuan and get a sage in our group." - Iliau
  • "I am going to pound that smarmy goblin's ass so hard into the ground that he'll need Orlis's Expansive Chasm to get himself out..." - Harosh
  • "No, no, this one is quite simple. All we need is a bellman's uniform and a crate of turtles." - Xuan
  • "By admitting that you are untrustworthy, you invalidate your own argument." - Harosh