Blades of Avernum

Blades of Avernum is an isometric, party- and turn-based RPG created by Spiderweb Software, makers of many other fine RPGs. The game is part of the Avernum series, but it was produced with the explicit purpose of facilitating user-created content. I was one of those users, creating custom adventures in the game's canon.

I spent a good six years working with Blades of Avernum, and that hard work yielded seven finished scenarios, listed and linked below.

The Siege of Copperpeak

"Even the distant shores of Vantanas hold adventure and excitement..."


"Time flies when you're saving the world!"


"I have had it with these &%$#@ ghosts on this &%$#@ boat!"


"The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy."

Shades of Gray

"Echoes of the past haunt a remote cathedral..."

Embers of Rebellion

"A simple courier mission gets blown way out of proportion."

Druids of Krell

"Restore the balance of power when a religious icon goes missing."

Scripts and Resources

Various scripts and other resource packs I assembled in my time making scenarios.

Shelved Projects

A few shelved projects, with screenshots.