I've been fiddling with pixel art since I first started working with Blades of Avernum. Over time, I went from just editing existing sprites to making some of my own, with a few other projects along the way.

Blades of Avernum

Luckily, I did finally make some half-decent sprites for Blades of Avernum. The best piece I ever made was a full set of trees, featuring fully-foliated and bare-branch versions.

Pathfinder Iconics

The Pathfinder RPG system has a number of iconic characters in its core rulebooks, generally with one representing each class. On a lark I decided to work on my pixel-pushing skills by making sprites for each of them. Of course, this was too simple of a challenge. Not enough constraints! To that end, I gave myself three semi-arbitrary rules for this project:

  1. Each sprite must be 32 x 32 pixels.
  2. Each sprite cannot use more than 16 colors.
  3. It has to actually look something like the original.

...and somehow, I finished them all! Below are all the individual images, blown up to a more manageable size.

Game Jam Sprites

Back at the April 2012 St. Louis Game Jam, our team lacked an actual artist. So, I took over for what I could, making sprites for a fairly ludicrous game involving crooked mall cops, dwarf-tossing, and a morbidly obese man in a Batman costume dangling from a crane.

...sleep deprivation might have been an issue for us.

A rail-thin cop

An evil segway-riding mall cop

A short cop inspired loosely by Eric Cartman

Overweight Batman (crane not included)